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Who are we?

Turning Point Foundation is a local non-profit organization dedicated to creating a healthier community by providing compassionate and proactive treatment for adults suffering from mental illnesses, many of whom are homeless and/or veterans. Anyone, regardless of race, culture, income, age, or level of education, can be affected by mental illness. Every year, it affects one in every four adults and one in every ten children. Hence, Sandra Pinnock’s aimed to assist and empower people suffering from mental illnesses.

Our purpose revolves around helping and empowering people with mental health issues. This was the purpose of Sandra Pinnock when she started her own business, which was established in 2002. However, she started to see a correlation between homelessness and mental health. This shocking correlation troubled her day after day. So, she and her daughter founded a non-profit organization, Turning Point Foundation in 2015, to offer solutions to these individuals.

Your contribution guarantees Turning Point Foundation’s ability to continue offering the most vulnerable members of our community a wide range of mental health services. We sincerely appreciate your assistance!

Why are we doing this?

Why Turning Point Foundation?

Find a study.

A study completed by SAMHSA found that 26.2% of individuals experiencing homelessness also had a severe mental health illness on any given night. This correlation led to the passing of an act in 1987 which is called the McKinney-Vento Act, which authorizes programs to provide mental health services for people experiencing homelessness. These solutions are a movement in the right direction, but Turning Point Foundation wants to work at the local level. We dislike how this population is being treated, and TPF wants to see change.

Our Process

We desire change. With the help of our counseling services, change can begin. In addition, we provide individual counseling in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Counseling, Creative Therapy, Psychodynamic Counseling, and many more approaches. We offer programs to persons with mental illnesses permanent accommodation for an extended period of time a year or more can help to improve mental health outcomes by lowering the frequency of trips to inpatient psychiatric hospitals. Moreover, we provide direct professional assistance or help with on-the-job training. 

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The individual will learn different skills like

Basic coding
Content Management Systems
Graphic Designing
Life Skills Training
Production, construction, and engineering

We will provide counseling and therapy session to them along with these skills so they can be strong and independent in their lives.

Ways to care

Making an impact in Virginia is simple thanks to us. By giving, you can potentially change lives and even save some.

For the homeless, mentally ill, and veterans of Virginia, every donation generates positive outcomes. Additionally, there are many ways you may contribute to our community and build an even brighter future. We’ll make sure that your gift has the biggest impact possible, whether it’s a one-time donation or a sustained fund.


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The Turning Point Foundation could use your assistance with a number of our programs. For anyone who enjoys teaching, we have a new Growing Works project. In addition to offering internship opportunities, we also need assistance for our veterans.